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Venus flytrap Dionaea muscipula

Venus Fly Trap | Dionaea Muscipula | Venus Fly Trap Plant

Venus Flytrap

In the wild Dionaea Muscipula can be found growing in wet peaty swamps in North and South Carolina in the southern states of North America, Venus flytraps are not tropical but are in fact temperate. These fly trapping plants do well on a sunny windowsill or frost-free greenhouse.

Growing Guide 

Keep the plants standing in a tray of rainwater or distilled water around 1-2cm deep in a bright sunny position, south facing windowsill, conservatory frost free or unheated greenhouse. I find it is best not to feed plants yourself if you are worried the plants are not catching enough insects just put them outside for a few days you will be surprised what they can catch by themselves over the summer months.

The Venus Flytrap may flower, it is best to cut these off, as this can weaken the plant. Never apply fertiliser to the plants.

Around the end of October sometimes a little earlier you will notice some of the foliage starts to turn brown and black or die off, this is normal and nothing to worry about. At this time keep the plants just damp rather than wet, and cut off any of the dead foliage. All of these plants need a cold winter rest, so if you are growing your plant indoors, this is the time to move them out to a cooler position say an unheated greenhouse, porch or something similar for the winter months. The minimum winter temperature can be as low as 0c, and around the end of February, plants will start to come back into growth. Venus Flytraps prefer to being re-potted annually March time (our COM1 is an ideal compost), never 'over pot' there is no need, a 12cm pot will be fine for each plant. The plants can now be put back on a sunny windowsill and stood back into a tray of rainwater, March brings very quick growth, and the fly catching begins all over again...  

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