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Venus Fly Trap 'Sharks tooth form' Dionaea muscipula - FT015

Venus Fly Trap 'Sharks tooth form' Dionaea muscipula

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This is the sharks tooth form of venus flytrap a little slower growing than the typ. Flytraps do well on a sunny windowsill or frostfree greenhouse. Stand the plant in a large saucer of rainwater from March to Sept allways watering from the saucer, pinch out any flower buds before they form as these can weaken the plants. Never make the traps shut artificially or force feed the plants. During the Winter months the plants will go into dormancy,if growing indoors move the plants to a much cooler position at this time, keep the compost just damp rather than wet and remove any dead foliage. Plants can be repotted in our com 1 Feb-March time when they will come back into full growth. Remember these plants loose most of their foliage over winter.

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