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SPG01 Sphagnum moss growing kit -

SPG01 Sphagnum moss growing kit

SPG01 Sphagnum moss growing kit
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If you like to use sphagnum moss as a growing medium for Nepenthes Heliamphora or any other species , looks great as a top dressing around Sarracenis or out in a peat bog garden this kit Includes com 1 , 2 litre , 2 pots and some live sphagnum . Just fill the pots provided with the com 1 , with scissors cut the sphagnum moss into small pieces and sprinkle on to the pots of com 1 , then stand the pots in a tray of rainwater , moss will start to grow in a few weeks , keep wet at all times with rainwater For full growing instructions check out our YouTube channel Hampshire carnivorous plants , grow your own sphagnum moss 


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