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SL001 Sarracenia Leucophylla red/white Deer park Alabama - SL001

SL001 Sarracenia Leucophylla red/white Deer park Alabama

S.Leucophylla red/white Deer park Alabama | North American Pitcher Plant
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
Stock Status: Out of Stock
MPN: SL001
Tall white pitchers with fine red veining on the lid and upper part of the pitcher, lovely deep red flowers in the spring. This species produces two crops of pitchers, in the spring smaller pitchers followed in the Autumn by much larger stronger pitchers.These plants do best in an unheated greenhouse or conservatory in full sun, standing in about 2.5cm of rainwater from March to October, Keep the plants just damp over the Winter months, trim any dead foliage

Customer Reviews

West Sussex
The Sarracenia I ordered came so well wrapped I was amazed at the time it must have taken to do so. I would order from you again as although the plant may have only had 3 trumpets, it was lovely and strong and exactly as shown on your site. Excellent quality!