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SH301 Sarracenia cv Dixie Lace -

SH301 Sarracenia cv Dixie Lace

Sarracenia cv Dixie Lace | North American Pitcher Plant
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 This is an unusual hybrid The female parent was a natural hybrid between Sarracenia leucophylla and S. alabamensis subsp. wherryi collected in Perdido, Alabama in 1985 and grown at the McMillan Greenhouse at UNCC. The pitchers resemble S. leucophylla, although only up to 30 cm (12 inches) tall, and are distinctly pubescent. The male parent was an artificial hybrid of Sarracenia psittacina and an unknown partner, probably S. purpurea, 'Dixie Lace '  quickly grows into a multi-crowned clump and flowers freely. Its sturdy pitchers are produced throughout the growing season. Many pitchers survive well into the winter, even after severe cold (down to -7°C or 20°F). However, protection from prolonged cold allows the plant to remain attractive throughout the winter. Flowering occurs at mid-season, and the red flowers are similar to those of the parents. The pitchers are about 25 cm (10 inches) tall, and are poised erect to slightly arching outwards. The hood shows the S. psittacina character of being squared-off at the front and tightly closed when the pitchers first elongate. Later, the hoods of most pitchers flatten and form an opening underneath a strongly rounded hood with laterally flared sides. The pitcher tube gradually enlarges to more than 4 cm (1.5 inches) wide below the hood. Mature plants sent out ready potted UK

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