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SH020a Sarracenia cv Juthatip Soper Large -

SH020a Sarracenia cv Juthatip Soper Large

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Description and Specifications

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Juthatip Soper | Carnivorous Plants | Sarracenia Plants

❄ Winter hardy. Can be out in a peat bog garden all year round 

One of my own hybrids named for my wife, without doubt this is one of the most colourful Sarracenia hybrids available. Large mature plant ready potted in a 12 cm pot, really stands out in a collection. The bright pink foliage lasts well into the Autumn. Stand these plants in a tray of rainwater from March to October in a bright sunny position. During the winter keep the plants just damp and cool, remove any dead foliage at this time. Repot these plants every two years into our COM1 compost at the end of February to the beginning of March, an unheated greenhouse is ideal for growing Juthatip Soper year round.

Customer Reviews

Luis stefan


The coloration is really amazing, it almost glows! Would definutely recomend this sarracenia.