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SH020 Sarracenia cv Juthatip Soper Medium - SH020

SH020 Sarracenia cv Juthatip Soper Medium

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
Stock Status: In Stock
MPN: SH020
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❄ Winter hardy. Can be out in a peat bog garden all year round 

One of my own hybrids named for my wife. Excellent pink colouration throughout the summer months. This plant  produces a second crop of pitchers in late August to September which are much larger than the spring pitchers, it also retains its pitchers well into the Autumn. Without doubt one of the most colourful Sarracenia hybrids around, really stands out in any collection. This plant has been awarded the RHS Award of Merit.

Stand these plants in a tray of rainwater from March to October in a bright sunny position. During the winter keep the plants just damp and cool, remove any dead foliage at this time. 3 year old plants sent out potted in a 9cm pot

Customer Reviews

Barbara MacGregor


I first saw sarracenia at Harrogate flower show and thought they were lovely. I then saw Monty Don saying he uses them for whitefly in his greenhouse, so I decided to get one. This plant, that I ordered in March, has met my expectations. It's been in the greenhouse all summer, and has had lovely pitchers. Now, come November, it's still looking good. It's caught plenty of flies, though I had to eject a snail from one of the pitchers last week!

I'm hoping for a flower next year - they're amazing.

I think I may get a different one for my sunny livingroom windowsill to keep flies down and look pretty at the same time.

Zechariah Richardson
Southend on Sea, Essex

Stunning plant!

I am new to keeping Carnivorous plants and have ordered six plants, the Sarracenia cv Juthatip Soper is stunning and although I love the Sarracenia Flava Flava that I ordered, it is very over shadowed by this plant.

I ordered the medium size and was very impressed at the size of the plant and it is money very well spent!

The plants were very well wrapped and delivered without any problem and the plants in perfect condition.

Ann Jaramillo
Merstham surrey

Flower on my pitcher plant

I purchased a pitcher plant from you about three years ago from you at the RHS flower show it has come on in leaps and bounds and this year has a flower which is beautiful and last year I purchase another one that is doing well too I am so pleased with them I am thinking of getting another one

Mark Ford

Part of named collection.

I received this as part of the named hybrid collection.It arrived in great condition,with several burgundy and dark pink pitchers.It has now pushed up some larger autumn pitchers with a huge variety of colours.For such a young plant,it certainly puts on a show.100% Happy,


A really beautiful example, with very vibrant colours. Clearly a very healthy plant in great condition, and was well packaged. Highly recommended.

Rhodri Jones
Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

A fascinating plant. With long and plentiful cerise and deep magenta stems, the pitchers certainly catch the eye. Very easy to care for, although the plant, together with SH015, has been a strain on my marriage. It seems that I pay more attention to checking if "Ruby" has enough water or needs a mist, (I even used the best china to collect the rainwater!). The pictures of the plant, as advertised, do not do it justice. An excellent purchase, many thanks.


Received mine today,in perfect condition,beautifull colours......I may have to make room in the greenhouse for more!

David Morris

I recently ordered SH020 and SH057a Sarrencias, I received fabulous plants much more mature than I expected with many pitchers on each plant. They have brought immediate colour to my very small collection. I will certainly be ordering more plants in the near future as I dont think any other nursery could compare.

Chris Hall
greenhouse in Twyford

This plant is easy to grow. I stand the pot in a plastic chinese take away container, half full with rainwater from our roof.

It is very good at eating flies, and I may buy some more just for the kitchen. The pitchers soon fill up wth flies

Stephen Flitton
United Kingdom

This must be one of the best sarracenias available when it comes to colour. Starting off a pale to dark green the lids begin to turn a rich white with pink veining. This becomes increasingly darker and more vivid. In bright sunshine the whole pitcher will turn a fantastic magenta with the tube and lip part almost blood red. Viewed with the sun behind the colour would rival any flower. I've also noticed this species is very good at catching insects as the pitchers almost fill up in only a few weeks. I've seen hover flies, blue bottles, wasps and even moths caught! When this plant is fully mature it will be amazing.