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SH011 Sarracenia x Brooks hybrid - SH011

SH011 Sarracenia x Brooks hybrid

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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MPN: SH011
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One of the tallest of all Sarracenia, pitchers up to 1 metre with beautiful pink/orange flowers. These plants are from division. Stand these plants in a tray of rainwater from March to October in a bright sunny position. During the winter keep the plants just damp and cool, remove any dead foliage at this time. Because of their size, these plants need to be cut back when sent out in the growing season.

Customer Reviews

Andy Scott

Amazing plant..

Really pleased with this plant as pictured. Is now over 1m tall and looks great in my collection. Thank you.

Michael Gargett


i have 5 brooks hybrids and this one looks nothing like any of them. it has a very heavy veined lid ad the lid is a different shape from my other brooks hybrids, it is a nice looking plant

Matthew Bowles


Lovely looking plant and was surprised how big it came and well packed.

Mr hanazono
Chantilly France


merci pour cette merveille !!