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Sarracenia leucophylla yellow flowered form 'Shnell's Ghost' cl SL014 - SL014

Sarracenia leucophylla yellow flowered form 'Shnell's Ghost' cl SL014

S.leucophylla yellow flowered form 'Shnell's Ghost' cl | North American Pitcher Plant
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Yellow flowered form of leuco from Bruce Bednar of N.Florida, pure yellow flowers in the Spring pale pitchers throughout the Summer months, pitchers do show a little red veining in the lid and upper half of the pitcher late in the season, The yellow-flowered Sarracenia leucophylla was originally collected by Donald Schnell during the summer of 1972. At the time of this collection the plant was not in flower; presumably the intense white colouration of the plant’s leaves attracted his attention. Schnell sent a piece of the plant to Steven Clemesha in Australia, who adjusted its growth habit to southern hemisphere seasons, and grew the plant to maturity. It was not until the plant flowered in September 1974 that Clemesha discovered that the plant also produced a pure yellow flower plants from division sent out ready potted UK and bare root EU.

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