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Pinguicula Butterworts


There are many species of Pinguicula found in most parts of the world.  Pinguicula moranensis, a native of Mexico, grows in the mossy forests of the mountainous regions, sometimes epiphtically growing on trees producing a profusion of pink flowers.  Closer to home, the Pinguicula grandiflora, a native of ireland, is fully hardy and is frequently grown in bog gardens in the U.K., its flowers are beautiful contrasting well against its florescent like coloures leaves.  These herbaceous plants form their leaves in rosettes, usually several centimetres indiameter.  Their leaf colour varies from limme green through to. in some cases bronze.  The common name of butterwort is not surprising, as when touched with the fingers, they really do resemble butter.  This is due to the very small mucilage producing tentacles which cover the upper surface of the leaves.  In cultivation these leaves attract fungus gnats and white fly in a similar way to the bright yellow 'trappits' (fly papers) we hang in our greenhouses. 

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