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PH005 P. x Wesser -

PH005 P. x Wesser

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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 Produces pink flowers throughout  the season, very easy grower.
Ideal butterwort for the beginner, also very good at catching whitefly, fruit flies and small mosquitoes. These plants do not like to be kept too wet, best to stand the plant on some damp capillary matting, avoid watering the plants from above. Plants do well in a bright position but try to avoid direct sunlight as this can scorch the foliage. Repot pinguicula in the spring with our COM3 or COM1 compost.

Check out our YouTube channel link below for detailed instructions


Customer Reviews

Paul O'keeffe

Great sized Ping

Wesser or Weser? Either way, a well-packed and nice-sized plant. Sit's with my other pings from HCP.


Nice plant

I got this to keep indoors and its settled in very well. A decent sized plant for the money and was really well packed.



Arrived in good condition and has stayed very healthy, even has a flower after less than a month. Also catching all my fungus gnats at almost disturbingly quickly!

Ian Thomas
North Cambridge


Fantastic plants and outstanding service with friendly staff whom are happy to help. Defiantly recommending!


Already two flowers and a baby

I only bought this a month ago and this ping has already put out two flowers and made a baby! Judging from the small selection of available pings I wasn't expecting much but the condition in which the plant arrived meant that it kept going as if it never changed environment. The gnats are not appreciating it!