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OC001 Outdoor collection3 - OC001

OC001 Outdoor collection3

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
Stock Status: In Stock
MPN: OC001
identifier exists: FALSE

This collection is suitable for a peat bog garden and all 3 plants can be grown outside all year round, During the Winter months the plants will loose most of their foliage and remain dormant until the Spring, You must use peat and sharp sand as a compost not damp or wet garden soil as this can kill the plants. Can also be grown in an unheated greenhouse. Collection includes - 1 Sarracenia flava pitcher plant, 1 Sarracenia purpurea pitcher plant and 1 Drosera rotundifolia sundew. Plants will be sent out ready potted

Customer Reviews

Kathy Harrison

What can I say ? Beautiful plants excellent condition . The plants came very well packed and delivery was quick. Will be ordering again soon .