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NMC385 Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey' XL -

NMC385 Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey' XL

NMC385 Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey' XL
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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 Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey'. This is a selected cultivar of a hybrid  between Nepenthes singalana x ventricosa selected by Rob Cantley of  Borneo Exotics The female parent being Nepenthes singalana, this is a fantastic hybrid , these plants will be sent out ready potted in a hanging basket (not the one with Bill Bailey!).

Customer Reviews

Ben Phillips
Bray, Berkshire
I ordered 5 plants and this one is by far the most impressive in terms of size and appearance. When I unwrapped the plastic wrap it literally sprung to life and expanded, dropping 12 perfectly formed large pitchers. It’s a monster.