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NMC168 N.lowii x N.ventricosa -

NMC168 N.lowii x N.ventricosa

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
Stock Status: In Stock
identifier exists: FALSE
Highland hybrid
Much easier to grow then N.lowii sp
Beautiful pitchers

Customer Reviews

justin willerton

Beautiful plant, for a plant of this size, the amount of pitcher's is impressive and large.

Pitcher colour really vivid

Ferenc Jozsef Stefan

lowii x ventricosa

Well packed, good quality, vigorous, strong plants that just keeps pitchering since arrived. On the pic the last pitcher of November and still growing despite the cold.

Shahnaz Camatchee

Superb plant

I wanted this plant in my collection. Arrived well packed and with large beautiful pitchers. Highly recommended carnivorous plant company.

Nikki Ozdemir

Stunning plant, as always!

Beautiful plant that was very well packaged.

A couple of dying pitchers and a little damage on a newly growing pitcher but the plant is very healthy so fingers crossed it doesn't "sulk" much!!