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NC4126 Nepenthes collection 3 -

NC4126 Nepenthes collection 3

Nepenthes collection | Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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A collection of 3 Nepenthes to include - 1 N.cv Rebecca Soper 1 N.Bloody Mary and 1 N.x ventrata

Nepenthes like to be kept warm and humid all year round, keep the plants just damp
 rather than wet in abright position but avoid direct sunlight. Best kept at a min temp of around
 10c, All 3 plants are sent out ready potted in 9-10 cm pots

Customer Reviews

Elia Cheope De Lisi

Amazing product and great packaging

I cannot start emphasizing how great this product is,the plants came so healthy they looked almost as if they they were fake,they came in quite a decent size,I expected them smaller but this stored surprised me in all the good ways,they had all a few pitchers and many leaves,they were packaged so well!They wrapped the individual plant in plastic film to keep it still,then to make sure the substrate didn't move they put a cartoon disk around the bottom of the plant,as if that wasn't good enough they put another empty pot on top of the plant and put film around it so that nothing could move or get squished,I totally recommend it to everyone who'd like to buy some carnivorous plants