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MBD2 Nepenthes 'Binky' Bio-Dome - MBD2

MBD2 Nepenthes 'Binky' Bio-Dome

MBD2 Nepenthes 'Binky' Bio-Dome
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Description and Specifications

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What is a Bio-Dome?

A Bio-Dome is a new innovative and very simple growing system that enables anyone to grow Nepenthes plants at home, in the office, greenhouse or garden, with minimal care and maintenance. The system waters the plant using capillary action to wick water up from a reservoir below the plant. The dome maintains the high humidity around the plant which it needs to grow when it is still young and tender. It is carefully designed so that as the plant grows, new leaves will seek out the hole in the dome and eventually develop outside the dome, provided the external environment is not too hostile.


Remove the sticker label from the top of the Dome and slowly pour in water (60ml or 2 fl. oz. or 4 Tbs) or until the reservoir is showing to the 'full 'mark as shown in the diagram. Rainwater is best if available but otherwise tap water will do.

Place your plant in dappled sunlight on a windowsill or balcony if possible. If it receives direct sunlight, then no more than 1-2 hours in the early morning or evening is enough. If you do not have access to natural light, then your plant can be grown very successfully placed about 20cm (8”) under an LED desk light of about 4-5 Watts, or a small fluorescent tube. Day/night cycle should be 12 hours but if you have no time-switch available, you can grow under 24 hours light.

The ideal temperature for your plant is room temperature (about 18 deg C to 26 deg C) but it will tolerate temperatures outside this range.

Avoid placing your plant in a position where it may receive drafts of dry air, such as under an air-conditioning vent.
Please do not remove the dome unless you live in a very humid tropical environment. The dome protects the plant whilst it is young and tender and later it will grow out of the hole by itself (see later section).

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