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HR 15 HUMIDIFIER hydrofogger -

HR 15 HUMIDIFIER hydrofogger

HR 15 HUMIDIFIER Hydrofogger
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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Perfect for Nepenthes , Heliamphora, orchids and other tropicals Simple to use, the Centrifugal Humidifier HR-15 is ideal for all humidification needs. This Centrifugal Humidifier will help you to maintain an ideal relative humidity level of 60-85% - vital for fast, healthy pitcher growth growth. If humidity is too low, some of the more unusual Nepenthes species and hybrids suffer growing few pitchers . can be conected to a humidistat which we sell separately or timer which ever suits best, also reduces temperature in the glasshouse over the summer months , The Centrifugal Humidifier HR-15 will humidify most  greenhouses up to 30m2 creating the perfect growing enviroment for all tropical carnivorous plants 
Coverage 15~30m²
Power consumption 90W
Humidification Capacity 1,500cc/hour

Dimensions 31cm x 31cm x 47cm

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