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DS026 Drosera capensis all red Sundew - DS026

DS026 Drosera capensis all red Sundew

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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 Drosera capensis all red form fantastic colour, these plants are slower growing
 than the other forms of capensis. Small pink/ red flowers  in the spring to early Summer.
Best grown in an unheated greenhouse or a conservatory, stand in a tray
 of rainwater  from March to  September keep the plant just damp for the Winter.
 Mature plant sent out ready potted ( UK )

Check out our YouTube channel link below for detailed instructions


Customer Reviews

Paula Emery

Very healthy and very red sundew,had one when I first started collecting carnivorous plants and I lost it so happy to receive such a well packaged healthy plant

Finally found the replacement for a red capensis, very striking plant

Mark Buccilli

DS026 Drosera capensis all red Sundew

Excellent delivery and well packaged Plant. Great specimen, Many thanks Guys.


Big Red Beauty

Plant arrived in very healthy condition. Beautiful contrast between the red and the green. It currently has one stem about to produce flowers but look as if more are starting to come through. A beautiful little plant.