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DS021 Drosera scorpiodes large form Sundew - DS021

DS021 Drosera scorpiodes large form Sundew

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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 This is one of the largest pygmy sundews and one of the most unusal, common name the shaggy sundew in time the plant can reach a height of around 10cm, many gammae are produced in the Winter which are large compared with other species and easy to grow on , plant sent out ready potted UK

Customer Reviews


A great plant

Expert packaging considering the delicate nature of the plant. But it was very healthy and has settled in quickly.

Steve Cole

Drosera scorpiodes large form Sundew

Large plant in excellent condition. Well packaged and fast delivery.

Kevin Simmonds

I have a small number of pigmy Sundews, and this one is the best, after receiving 3 new dews, this one has been the slowest to recover form the posting, but I have found that pigmys do take there time!