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DS013 Drosera madagasgariensis Sundew - DS013

DS013 Drosera madagasgariensis Sundew

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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MPN: DS013
identifier exists: FALSE

Climbing species, plant turns bright red in full sun, the plant dies back during the Winter and all top growth disappears completely .
 New growth starts to back up from the roots in the Spring. Plants can climb to around 20cm
 Repot in the Spring with our COM1 compost. Our plants survived a Winter min of -9c last December in an unheated greenhouse , plants do loose all their foliage during the Winter months.

Check out our YouTube channel link below for detailed instructions


Customer Reviews


A great plant

Really well packed considering the tall and delicate nature of the plant. Great quality thank you.

Mark Buccilli

DS013 Drosera madagasgariensis Sundew

Two excellent small specimen arrived. They have grown fast since purchased and really look great. look forwards to more growth. Would recommend this plant along with the seller.

Richard Eastman

Excellent Service

I bought this delightful plant a couple of weeks ago and really impressed at the quality.