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DS011 Drosera dicotoma Sundew - DS011

DS011 Drosera dicotoma Sundew

Drosera dicotoma sundew
Drosera dicotoma sundew
Drosera dicotoma sundew
Drosera dicotoma sundew
Drosera dicotoma sundew
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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MPN: DS006
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 The leaf blade of this Drosera is usually twice divided,giving a four pointed pattern,very easy and vigorous leaves can reach a length of 30cm + ,plants produce foliage and white flowers during the Spring and Summer months, excellent whitefly catcher! these sundews are dormant during the Winter months and loose most of their foliage at this time, easy to grow. Repot these plants in the spring with our COM1 compost, can do very well in a hanging basket, make sure the plant is kept damp to wet with rainwater at all times throughout the growing season March - October

​​​​​​​Check out our YouTube channel link below for detailed instructions 


Customer Reviews


Other worldly

This bizzare looking plant seems out of place on this planet. Its long stems unravel and then split and then unravel again revealing long finger like sticky stems. Although this is a plant with a small base it does command quite a bit of room with long top heavy stems which droop down in all directions. A fantastic plant to view

Kevin Simmonds

Lovely plant, lots do Dew within 2 days of receiving, and new leafs opening.