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DS008 Drosera spatulata Sundew - DS008

DS008 Drosera spatulata Sundew

Drosera spatulata sundew
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
Stock Status: Out of Stock
MPN: DS008
identifier exists: FALSE

 This plant can be found in Australia, New Zealand and many parts of the Far East,
  it forms small rosettes to around 3.5cm across flower colour is pink.
  The flowers produce many seed and are easy germinate. Ideal in an
  unheated or frostfree greenhouse Easy to grow.

Customer Reviews


Red Dwarf

Plant arrived healthy and in good condition. Took a little while to settle in to new environment and now we are witnessing loads of new growth of tiny (TINY) new spatula like, green stems which turn red over time.