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DS007 Drosera capensis alba Sundew - DS007

DS007 Drosera capensis alba Sundew

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
Stock Status: In Stock
MPN: DS005
identifier exists: FALSE

 Another plant that is very easy to grow , pale green foliage with white flowers. The leaves can grow to around 4in and are excellent white fly catchers! Best grown in an unheated greenhouse or a conservatory, stand in a tray of rainwater from March to  September keep the plant just damp for the Winter. our plants freeze solid over Winter and loose most of their foliage but come back into growth in the early Spring at which time they can be repotted, Highly recommended for children as these plants are fast growing and the leaves have the power of movement and can curl around their prey!

 Repot end of Febuary to the end of March in our COM 1


Check out our YouTube channel link below for detailed instructions

Customer Reviews

Paul O'keeffe

A happy customer

A very healthy-looking Capensis. Very happy with this puchase.

Lisle Hunte

V pleased with my little ray of Sundew

I'm new to the Carnivorous plant world and I'm very impressed with the quality of my Sundew plant, it was healthy and packaged very well, I have now become a regular buyer and will be purchasing more sundews as they have become one of my fav plants I would highly recommend buying from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants



great service and arrived in fantastic condition!


Great White

Another excellent purchase. A very healthy plant on arrival, settled in nicely. Has continued to produce lots of new healthy growth and we are currently waiting the 8 new flower stems to bloom.

Kierran Brooks

Delivered quickly and in great condition

I got this as part of the 3 variety sundew offer, all arrived in great condition, it did take a few days to get dew when I got it but it was pretty cold out at the time so it wasnt too surprising, its since helped in decimating the fruit fly infestation my windowsill plants had, I've also since managed to successfully take a few cuttings with ease which have so far all sprouted plantlets which are also growing very well


bought 2 of these fantastic plants arrived in lovely condition great service to

Stephen Mccaughan

Stunning looking plant very healthy and full of dew, I bought it with the Red form as a matching pair, very pleased with it.