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DS004 Drosera capensis Narrow leaf form Sundew - DS004

DS004 Drosera capensis Narrow leaf form Sundew

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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MPN: DS004
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Easy and vigorous this sundew plant is highly recommended for the beginner and children alike, much easier and faster growing than the Venus fly trap in fact I would say it has to be one of the easiest of all the carnivorous plants to grow! Small pink flowers are produced in the spring which set viable seed by themselves. These are mature plants sent out ready potted in 9cm pots. Stand the plant in a tray of rain water in a bright sunny position during the spring and summer months keep the plant just damp and cool -5c - +4c over Winter, an unheated greenhouse would be ideal our plants freeze solid at this time of year and have been down as low as -11c! Plants come back into growth in the Spring. These are great plants for controlling white fly and really work well in a greenhouse or conservatory!

Keep the plants standing in a tray of rainwater or distilled water around 1-2cm deep in a bright sunny position, south facing windowsill, conservatory frost free or unheated greenhouse. I find it is best not to feed plants yourself, if you are worried the plants are not catching enough insects just put them outside for a few days you will be surprised what they can catch by themselves over the summer months.

Check out our YouTube channel link below for detailed instructions 



Customer Reviews

Paul O'keeffe

Lovely healthy plant

The Capensis Narrow-leaf form is a fantastic-looking plant. Bushy and very doing well catching small flies. Very happy.


Healthy & Quality Plants

Ordered one of these & one Alba Sundrew and put both in the kitchen in indirect sunlight. I'm really pleased with these, not only do they have a superbly high success rate of murdering flies but they are now flowering and really look the part. As a little side note, I'm using water from a river to water them.


Big Red Beauty

A phenomenal purchase. Plant arrived healthy and in very good condition. Once the plant was settled into its new environment, this plant has proven to be the King of all of our plants. Beautiful red hue on the stems and over the past two weeks we have had 7 stems, 4 of which are producing beautiful purple flower blooms.

sue Bosman

orded this plant for my sons birthday it arrived with in 3 days very health plant has grown well


Really nice specimen, well packaged to protect it. Very pleased, just waiting for it to trap the wife .. oops, the flies !! Will definitely use your company again.

Stephen Mccaughan

Plant arrived extremely well packaged a beautiful specimen a lot of growth, looks amazing thanks very much