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DS002 Drosera binata Sundew - DS002

DS002 Drosera binata Sundew

Drosera binata sundew
Drosera binata sundew
Drosera binata sundew
Drosera binata sundew
Drosera binata sundew
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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MPN: DS002
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 T form leaves grow up to 12in easy to grow. This unusual Australian sundew species produces forked leaves which are covered in sticky tentacles, large white or sometimes pink flowers are produced in the Spring, Keep Drosera binata just damp and and cool over Winter -5c to +5c would be ideal, unheated greenhouse or conservatory , this form will loose most of their foliage over Winter and come back into growth in the Spring. During the Summer months stand the plant in a tray of rainwater at all times.  These plants look great when potted into a hanging basket and is really good at catching whitefly ! a must have plant for any collection This plant is easy to proporgate from root cuttings and is highly recommended ! these sundews can get big, I have a few potted up in 12in pots on the nursery which look fantastic!, we are also trying a few out in the bog garden this year

Check out our YouTube channel link below for detailed instructions 


Customer Reviews

James Luke

Amazing Plant

When I received the Sundew it was in its dormant condition, which although disapointing but expected, gave me something lovely to look forward to, when it burst into growth in late March.

Fabulous service as always.


amazing looking plant 5 star as always