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DS001 Drosera aliciae Sundew - DS001

DS001 Drosera aliciae Sundew

Drosera aliciae sundew
Drosera aliciae sundew
Drosera aliciae sundew
Drosera aliciae sundew
Drosera aliciae sundew
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
Stock Status: In Stock
MPN: DS001
identifier exists: FALSE

 These sundews form rosettes up to 10cm across,very easy to grow in an unheated greenhouse or conservatory. Small pink flowers in the Spring, These carnivorous sundew plants can produce bright red rossettes when grown in a bright sunny position, a south facing window-sill ,unheated greenhouse or frost free greenhouse, keep these Drosera cool during the winter months, around 0c to +5c as these plants need a cold Winter rest , plants return to full growth in early Spring and usually flower April , May time.Repot these sundews in our com1 end of Febuary to end of March, plants can also be divided carefully at this time of year if you wish to do so.

Customer Reviews


Amazing Value

This is a really mature sized plant and so healthy. I know other nurseries would not provide such a large plant for such a reasonable price - highly recommended


Very pretty plant! It looks very healthy and has great colour.

Packed very well and protected from damage in transit, so it has arrived looking perfect.

Will definitely buy from here again.

Paul Lawless
Warwick Warwickshire

These are pretty !

I love looking at the gooey sticky stuff.

Yet to open the window because it's not warm enough but soon to see.

Pink and green leaves fill the pot.