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Drosera Filiformis ssp.filiformis Sundew - DS009

Drosera Filiformis ssp.filiformis Sundew

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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MPN: DS009
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This N.American species produces long thread like leaves to around 25cm,filiformis do well in an unheated or  frost free greenhouse , another sundew which is great for catching whitefly Plants die back over winter and rest keep the plants just damp at this time of year, From March to September stand the plants in about 2cm of rainwater ,repot into our COM1 in early march just as the plants come back into growth. 

Check out our YouTube channel link below for detailed instructions


Customer Reviews

Mark Buccilli

Drosera Filiformis ssp.filiformis Sundew

Two Specimens arrived. Great condition. Nice looking. well recommend.


Excellent plant, would recommend to anyone. Arrived in perfect condition and very quickly. Thanks