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COM01 -3 Flytrap/Sarracenia compost 3 Litres approx - COM 1 3

COM01 -3 Flytrap/Sarracenia compost 3 Litres approx

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Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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MPN: Com 1 3
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Sarracenia Compost | Carnivorous Plant Compost | Garden Compost | Home Compost

This is the same mix we use for our multi award winning Carnivorous plants, Suitable for Dionaea (venus fly trap ) Sarracenia (pitcher plant), Drosera (sundew), Darlingtonia (cobra lilly) , Heliamphora (sun pitcher)
and terrestrial Utricularia (bladderwort) This is our own mix which we use for most of our plants
with excellent results. Best time to repot is from February to April and September to November for Sarracenia 

Please note that all compost can only be sent out to mainland UK addresses due to weight and restrictions. 

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