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CF001 Cephalotus follicularis - CF001

CF001 Cephalotus follicularis

CF001 Cephalotus follicularis
CF001 Cephalotus follicularis
CF001 Cephalotus follicularis
CF001 Cephalotus follicularis
CF001 Cephalotus follicularis
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
Stock Status: In Stock
MPN: CF001
identifier exists: FALSE

These attractive plants produce small thimble sized pitchers. Best to keep these plants just damp all year by standing them on damp capillary matting, always remove any dead foliage and never water the plants from above. These plants are sent out ready potted in 9cm pot.These are good sized plants with mature pitchers.

Customer Reviews

Paul Lawless
Warwick Warwickshire
This Plant was so exciting to see ! With little thimble size Pitchers which are green and red, slightly hairy. Possibly my favourite to watch and look at. Sits happily in my large tray in the window like I read from this Website.
Received my Cephalotus follicularis today. Absolutely gorgeous and in perfect condition. Very impressed indeed.
Really nice plant arrived in perfect condition Thanks
I bought a Cephalotus from Matt in a 3.5-inch pot nine years ago. It is now in a 7-inch pot and doing well. I have taken many daughter plant cuttings from her and she continues to send out more. I can fully recommend Matt's plants to everyone. Cheers Adam
M Smith
This little beauty arrived super fast, extremely well packaged and looking great, it even has a couple of cheeky bonus droseras that must have snuck into the soil :) It will make a lovely addition to my modest collection! The service from Hants fly traps was great! Thank you!
Great looking plant. My first carnivorous plant so looking forward to a flyless kitchen. Arrived in tip top condition with lots of very healthy looking pitchers. This was a difficult one to find and for such a great price. Thanks.
Andrew Hatfield
I’ve bought quite a few plants from Matt now and the Cephalotus is, like all the rest an absolute beauty- a fantastic example, healthy and a really good size. The packaging was exemplary and I’m very pleased with it - it sits in my unheated conservatory quite happily in pride of place - that is until I no doubt buy something else. I thoroughly recommend Hampshire Carnivorous Plants!