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BE3373 N.spectabilis x N.ventricosa -

BE3373 N.spectabilis x N.ventricosa

BE3373 N.spectabilis x N.ventricosa
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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First introduced in Jan 2017. This hybrid was sold briefly under BE-3373 as random selection of clones from microprop under and was very popular. We have now isolated what is by far the the most atractive clone and are now able to supply this by itself. The female parent is our unique giant Nepenthes spectabilis. This is a tremendously vigorous hybrid and is highly spectacular due to the Nepenthes spectabilis patronage. Please don't overlook this wonderful item, which has featured in many of our gold medal winning Chelsea Flower Show exhibits as well as our huge 2008 Singapore Garden Festival exhibit. Easy to grow being vigorous and quite temperature tolerant. This is an ideal beginners plant! Small plants sent out ready potted in a 10cm pot , plant around 10cm + dia

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