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BE3314 N.spatulata x N.spectabilis -

BE3314 N.spatulata x N.spectabilis

BE3314 N.spatulata x N.spectabilis
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Description and Specifications

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Borneo Exotics horticultural cross using various forms of Nepenthes spectabilis as the male parent which lends the usually green pitcher body of N. spathulata some striped characteristics. The peristomes are wonderfully striped red and orange with variations to the deep burgundy usual in Nepenthes spathulata.​

First introduced in April 2010 and recreated several times since. The female parent is our selected clone of Nepenthes spathulata with wide purple peristome and green pitcher body, sold under BE-3175 and the male parent is a selected clone of the giant form of Nepenthes spectabilis sold under BE-3178. Although some of these plants may appear quite similar to the cultivar Nepenthes ‘Helen' as they have the same parents, they do not include the specific clone chosen as Nepenthes ‘Helen’. Small plants 10cm + dia sent out ready potted in 10cm pot

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