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BE3256 N.vogelii -

BE3256 N.vogelii

BE3256 N.vogelii
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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identifier exists: FALSE
 Newly described highland species from northern Sarawak. Lower pitchers are similar to that of N. stenophylla but upper
pitchers are very unusual and have a unique bulbous appearance with dense black speckling small plants 8 - 10 cm dia sent out ready potted (uk)
min temp around 10c

Customer Reviews


Healthy looking plant

Ordered along with one other plant Nepenthes. Both arrived well wrapped, moist soil and looking very happy. No lost leaves or die back one week on and in fact looking very happy and producing new foliage straight away.

As per my other review, cups of a juvenile show some markings of the adult but are by no means as spectacular as the adult, so can't wait to get this one growing up a little as the adults appear to have fantastic looking cups.

As well as watering, this plant (as with other Nepenthes I own) is reacting very well to a light spray of rain water.

Nice people on the phone too.