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BE3254 N.burkei -

BE3254 N.burkei

N.Burkei | Nepenthes Monkey Cup
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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Endemic to the island of Mindoro in the Philippines, this under-appreciated species is as easy to grow as Nepenthes ventricosa and an ideal beginners plant. We find the hard woody pitchers exceptionally attractive, being red flecked on a yellow/green background with lustrous scalloped peristome. If pruned back it will form dense clusters of basal growths and many pitchers, with it being rare to find a leaf not developing a pitcher, these are small plants around 10cm dia sent out ready potted.

Customer Reviews


Really nice healthy plant, should be stunning when she grows up, well packed as usual.

Although n.Burkei is stunning and easy to grow you don't see them for sale very often so grab them while you can.