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BE3070 N.fusca -

BE3070 N.fusca

N.Fusca | Nepenthes Monkey Cup
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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Small to medium sized plant of this nepenthes species, easy to grow highlander. Plant sent out ready potted.
This attractive variety has large orange and red-striped pitchers. It is also very vigorous and easy to grow. Highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

Mark Buccilli

Great small Nepenthes

Specimen arrived with three other nepenthes which sadly were damaged. This secimen with in great condition had four small pots which have grown since over last two weeks. Growing Pot had lots of surface moss and added bonus of a very small sundew which was flowering. Was very happy with this plant/specimen. Sadly due to the other three Nepenthes damaged and no contact to my email will no longer be buying from HCP again.


Really nice plant the packaging was impressive, I will definitely be buying from here again.