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BC1001 Beginners Collection - BC1001

BC1001 Beginners Collection

Beginner's Collection | Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Beginner's Collection | Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Beginner's Collection | Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Beginner's Collection | Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Beginner's Collection | Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Hantsflytrap
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This collection of four easy to grow carnivorous plants can be grown on a south facing windowsill, frost free or unheated greenhouse or conservatory care instructions will be included. The collection includes 1 venus flytrap, 1 sundew (capensis or aliciae) and 2 different pitcher plants. All four plants are sent out ready potted in 9cm pots, you are now ready to start growing these fascinating plants. The plants will not need repotting until the following Spring into our com 1 in 12cm pots. The flytrap and sudew are mature, the two pitcherplants are 3 year olds. Please remember all of these plants are dormant over the winter months. Plants will be sent out ready potted

Beginners Growing Guide
Spring /Summer
Keep the plants standing in a tray of rainwater or distilled water around 1-2 cm deep in a bright sunny position, South facing window sill, conservatory frost free or unheated greenhouse . I find it is best not to feed the plants yourself, if you are worried the plants are not catching enough insects just put them outside for a few days you will be surprised what they can catch by themselves, especially the pitcher plants.
The venus flytrap may flower, it is best to cut these off, as this can weaken the plant. The other three plants (if you have the ‘Beginners Collection’) can be left to flower. Never apply fertilizer to the plants.
 Autumn /Winter
 Around the end of October sometimes a little earlier you will notice some of the foliage starts to brown or die off, this is normal and nothing to worry about. At this time keep the plants just damp rather than wet, and cut off any of the dead foliage. All four of these plants need a cold Winter rest, so if you are growing your plants indoors, this is the time to move them out to a cooler position say an unheated greenhouse , porch or something similar for the Winter months. The minimum Winter temperature should be 5c, and around the end of February, plants will start to come back into growth, this is a good time to re – pot if necessary (our COM1 is an ideal compost for all four plants), never ‘over pot’, there is no need, a 12cm pot will be fine for each plant. Plants that were moved out for the Winter can now be put back on a sunny windowsill and stood back into a tray of rainwater, March brings very quick growth and flowers, and the fly catching begins all over again …..

Customer Reviews

The plants came really well packed and protected, the quality of the plants was far better than I had imagined. one day after delivery the plants looked even better when they had settled down! Plants even better than in the photo, really great value! Will be back for further plants soon.
Tom Butler
The plants cane well packaged and have since thrived a great set of plants to start anyone off
Fast delivery of beautiful healthy plants. So well packaged. Fantastic. Won’t hesitate to purchase from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants again.... and again.
clifford hine
i went to Chelsea this year see hampshire plants there was blown away by the carnivorous plants display had to buy my self some got the beginners collection as new to carnivorous plants got them today very happy with the plants well packed will be buying more
Dave W
Just to echo the comments of others... we were v v pleased with the delivery we received. The plants were larger than I expected (which is good!) and superbly wrapped, absolutely no damage in transit
A truly amazing collection, well packed healthy plants with fast delivery, will be placing another order soon if your new like me to Carnivorous plants I highly recommend you give this supplier ago well worth the money.
John Boyer
Waterlooville Hants
My first foray into the world of carniverous plants.Very pleased. I think I have got the bug. First of many I think.
The delivery was prompt,and the beginners collection was very well wrapped ,packed and arrived in good condition.I am very pleased with the plants and wouldn't hesitate to purchase from hantsflytrap again.
Great selection of plants, all in beautiful condition and exeptional delivery time, plants now 1 month later looking great!
Very excited to receive these plants. Packaged very well and gorgeous looking. Can't wait to watch them grow. Will definitely shop here again