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B81 Pinguicula of the Temperate North -

B81 Pinguicula of the Temperate North

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Pinguicula of the Temperate North

ISBN: 978-1-908787-14-9
Pages: 360
Images: 329
Page size: 270 x 205 mm
Cover: hardcover with dust jacket

Pinguicula of the Temperate North is the first volume of a series of two books that document all carnivorous butterworts (Pinguicula) of the world, for the very first time and in unparalleled detail.

These spectacular carnivorous plants produce leaves lined with tiny tentacles tipped with droplets of glistening, sticky mucus. Small insects become affixed to the sticky, fly-paper leaves of Pinguicula, die and are digested offering the plant nutrients to grow.

In this volume, all Pinguicula taxa from the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and northern Africa are documented individually in great detail. The morphology, diversity, taxonomy and botanical history of all recognised taxa is described in depth and in clear English prose. Descriptions are accompanied with numerous spectacular images covering many Pinguicula species that have never been photographed before.

Signed copies bear the signature of Stewart McPherson.

Volume 1 Contents:
• Introduction
• Carnivorous Plants
• The genus Pinguicula
• Species entries Temperate North: Pinguicula alpina, P. balcanica, P. bohemica, P. caerulea, P. corsica, P. crystallina, P. dertosensis, P. fiorii, P. grandiflora, P. hirtiflora, P. ionantha, P. leptoceras, P. longifolia, P. louisii, P. lusitanica, P. lutea, P. caussensis, P. macroceras, P. megaspilaea, P. mundi, P. nevadensis, P. planifolia, P. poldinii, P. primuliflora, P. pumila, P. ramosa, P. reichenbachiana, P. spathulata, P. vallisneriifolia, P. vallis-regiae, P. villosa, P. vulgaris.
• Natural Hybrids
• Botanical Illustrations

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