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B77 Carnivorous Plants Of Australia Magnum Opus Vol 3 -

B77 Carnivorous Plants Of Australia Magnum Opus Vol 3

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Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus Vol 3

by Allen Lowrie
Editor: Alastair S. Robinson
ISBN: 978-1-908787-13-2
Pages: 463
Images: 687
Page size: 305 x 242 mm
Cover: hardcover with dust jacket

Australia is home to over one third of all carnivorous plant species currently recognised worldwide. Moreover, the different species found on this continent also represent many of the most diverse carnivorous plant forms known, including some of the largest, most spectacular and unusual representatives of the major carnivorous plant groups. Over the past five decades, renowned botanist Allen Lowrie has travelled across Australia in order to observe, study and photograph all the carnivorous plant species of the continent. This benchmark study represents his accumulated life’s work to date, and offers a definitive and unparalleled examination of all carnivorous plants species currently known from Australia. Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus features in-depth, fully illustrated descriptions of all taxa, and introduces for the first time more than 20 new species, 4 new hybrids, and a number of new combinations and new records for Australia. This exhaustive work also includes a wealth of new information and location data, new observations, unique photographs and species distribution maps.

The three volumes of this work are divided as follows:


Volume 1:



Types of Carnivorous Plants

Habitats of Carnivorous Plants in Australia

Substrate – an important determinant in Drosera growth habits

The Groups of Australian Drosera

-  Tuberous Drosera 30
-  Pygmy Drosera 44
-  Natural Pygmy Drosera Hybrids 52
-  Man-made Pygmy Drosera Hybrids 56
-  Perennial Tropical Drosera 60
-  Miscellaneous Drosera 78
-  Drosera indica Complex 78

Setocoris – the Sundew Bugs 80

Keys to the Carnivorous Plants of Australia 88

The Species:

Introduction to the Species Descriptions

-  Aldrovanda 
-  Byblis 
-  Cephalotus 
-  Drosera species A to F; aberrans, adelae, allantostigma, andersoniana, androsacea, aquatica, arcturi, aurantiaca, auriculata, australis, × badgerupii, × badgingarra, banksii, barbigera, barrettorum, basifolia, bicolor, binata, bindoon, brevicornis, broomensis, browniana, bulbigena, bulbosa, burmannii, caduca, callistos, calycina, × carbarup, citrina, closterostigma, coalara, collina, coomallo, cucullata, darwinensis, depauperata, derbyensis, dichrosepala, dilatatopetiolaris, drummondii, echinoblastus, eneabba, enodes, eremaea, erythrogyne, erythrorhiza, esperensis, falconeri, fimbriata, finlaysoniana, fragrans, fulva

Volume 2:

The Species (continued from Volume 1):    

-  Drosera species F to Z; geniculata, gibsonii, gigantea, glabriscapa, glanduligera, gracilis, graniticola, grievei, hamiltonii, hartmeyerorum, helodes, heterophylla, hirsuta, hookeri, huegelii, humilis, hyperostigma, indumenta, intricata, kenneallyi, lanata, lasiantha, × legrandii, leioblastus, leucoblasta, leucostigma, lowriei, lunata, macrantha, macrophylla, magna, major, mannii, marchantii, menziesii, micra, micrantha, microphylla, microscapa, miniata, minutiflora, modesta, monantha, monticola, moorei, murfetii, myriantha, nana, neesii, nitidula, nivea, occidentalis, omissa, orbiculata, ordensis, oreopodion, paleacea, pallida, paradoxa, patens, pedicellaris, peltata, petiolaris, × pingellyensis, planchonii, platypoda, platystigma, porrecta, praefolia, prolifera, prophylla, prostrata, prostratoscaposa, pulchella, purpurascens, pycnoblasta, pygmaea, radicans, ramellosa, rechingeri, roseana, rosulata, rupicola, salina, sargentii, schizandra, schmutzii, scorpioides, serpens, sewelliae, × sidjamesii, silvicola, spatulata, spilos, squamosa, stelliflora, stolonifera, stricticaulis, subhirtella, subtilis, sulphurea, thysanosepala, trichocaulis, tubaestylis, verrucata, walyunga, whittakeri, yilgarnensis, zigzagia, zonaria

Volume 3:

Species Descriptions:

-  Nepenthes
-  Utricularia subgenus PolypompholyxU. section Polypompholyx
 Utricularia subgenus Polypompholyx section PleiochasiaU. subgenus Bivalvaria and U. subgenus Utricularia

Biographies of the Botanists

James Drummond & the Swan River Colony


-  Pronunciation of Names
-  Herbarium Abbreviations
-  Author Abbreviations
-  Botanical symbols
-  Botanical Latin Abbreviations
-  Glossary
-  A Note about Orthographically Corrected Names
 (Droseraceae)Arachnopus section Drosera-  Application of names in 
-  New Sections
-  Species Recalled from Synonymy
-  New Statuses
-  New Records for Australia
-  New Combinations
-  New Natural Hybrids
-  New Species

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