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B75 Carnivorous plants of Australia Magnum opus Vol 1 -

B75 Carnivorous plants of Australia Magnum opus Vol 1

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This benchmark study offers a definitive, unparalleled and up-to-date examination of all carnivorous plants currently recognised from the continent of Australia (1 Aldrovandaspecies; 8 Byblis; 1 Cephalotus; 163 Drosera; 3 Nepenthes; and 66 Utricularia).Carnivorous Plants of Australia Magnum Opus features in-depth, fully illustrated descriptions of all taxa, and introduces for the first time more than 20 new species, 4 new hybrids, and a number of new combinations and new records for Australia. This exhaustive work also includes a wealth of new information and location data, new observations, unique photographs and species distribution maps.

Volume 1:



Types of Carnivorous Plants

Habitats of Carnivorous Plants in Australia

Substrate – an important determinant in Drosera growth habits

The Groups of Australian Drosera

-  Tuberous Drosera 30
-  Pygmy Drosera 44
-  Natural Pygmy Drosera Hybrids 52
-  Man-made Pygmy Drosera Hybrids 56
-  Perennial Tropical Drosera 60
-  Miscellaneous Drosera 78
-  Drosera indica Complex 78

Setocoris – the Sundew Bugs 80

Keys to the Carnivorous Plants of Australia 88

The Species:

Introduction to the Species Descriptions

-  Aldrovanda 
-  Byblis 
-  Cephalotus 
-  Drosera species A to F; aberrans, adelae, allantostigma, andersoniana, androsacea, aquatica, arcturi, aurantiaca, auriculata, australis, × badgerupii, × badgingarra, banksii, barbigera, barrettorum, basifolia, bicolor, binata, bindoon, brevicornis, broomensis, browniana, bulbigena, bulbosa, burmannii, caduca, callistos, calycina, × carbarup, citrina, closterostigma, coalara, collina, coomallo, cucullata, darwinensis, depauperata, derbyensis, dichrosepala, dilatatopetiolaris, drummondii, echinoblastus, eneabba, enodes, eremaea, erythrogyne, erythrorhiza, esperensis, falconeri, fimbriata, finlaysoniana, fragrans, fulva

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