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B62 New Nepenthes Hardback -

B62 New Nepenthes Hardback

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This exciting new book provides an update on the genus Nepenthes, covering all new species and discoveries made since the publication of Pitcher Plants of the Old World. Highlights include:

- 8 brand new Nepenthes species – including two from Borneo, two from Sulawesi, two from New Guinea, three from the Phillippines
- emended descriptions of N. lamii and N. thorelii (both plants were previously wrongly identified)
- an account of a newly discovered population of N. pitopangii (with spectacular colouration).
- an account of new understanding of the diversity of N. philippinensis and related species
- expedition reports and a comparison of all highland Nepenthes of Palawan (many of the most spectacular Nepenthes known).
- complete descriptions and a comparison of all recently described Indochinese taxa.

...and much, much more.

The full diversity, wild ecology and distribution of each new Nepenthes is accounted in full detail, along with a fascinating report of the discovery of each plant, written by its discoverers.

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