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B111 Insectivorous Plants By C.Darwin -

B111 Insectivorous Plants By C.Darwin

Carnivorous plants Tony Camilleri | Books
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Tony Camilleri describes exactly what carnivorous plants are, why they capture insects, the types of traps the use to catch their prey and an interesting history of their evolution. 100 color plates illustrate this strange group which includes such plants as the water wheel plant, which feeds on insects in the water, the cobra lily, which resembles a cobra about to strike its prey, the tropical pitcher plants of which the largest species is known to have captured rats. There's practical advice on how to grow plants at home, in the terrarium or around the pond. A comprehensive list of carnivorous plant societies and growers and suppliers from around the world is included, as well as a complete listing and description of every carnivorous plant.This is a new signed copy.

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