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Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
Stroudwood Nursery
Stroudwood Lane
Lower Upham
SO32 1HG
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Venus flytrap Dionaea muscipula
The most popular of all the carnivorous plant species, described by Charles Darwin as one of the most wonderful plants in the World !!
A range of carnivorous plant collections,Ideal for beginners to keen growers of carnivorous plants.
Sarracenia N.American pitcher
These pitcher plants are ideal for an unheated greenhouse or conservatory and most do well outside in a peat bog garden,these are some of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow.
Drosera Sundews
All of these plants produce sticky tentacles and are excellent small fly catchers. Drosera capensis in all its forms is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow.
Books and Gift vouchers
A wide range of carnivorous plant books and gift vouchers, Ideal for anyone interested in these plants
Cephalotus follicularis West Australian pitcher
These attractive carnivorous plants produce small thimble sized pitchers through the growing season
Composts pots and sundry items
Composts to suit all types of carnivorous plants also pots ,baskets and cutters ect.
Darlingtonia californica Cobra lilly
Unusual snake-like foliage,complete with forked tongue.Can do well outside in a peat bog garden.
Heliamphora Sun pitcher
These pitcher plants are best grown in a warm greenhouse or terrarium.
Utricularia Bladderworts
With around two hundred or so species, bladderworts are by far the largest genus of carnivorous plants.
Nepenthes Monkey cups
These unusual carnivorous plants require a high humidity at all times and are best grown in a warm greenhoure or a terrarium.
Pinguicula Butterworts
Not only beautiful in both flower and foliage but also excellent whitefly catchers!!!
Brocchinia reducta
Bromeliad from the Guiana Highlands, rare in cultivation.
A range of carnivorous plant pencil drawings .
CITES & PHYTO permits
These are needed for certain plant orders sent to countries outside the EU

Welcome to the home page of Hampshire Carnivorous Plants ,We stock an extensive range of top quality carnivorous plants, compost, books and sundry items . Most of our plants are sent out ready potted and all packed with the greatest of care to arrive with you in tip-top condition.
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